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School of Psychology and Neuroscience People

Director of Teaching Dr. Paula Miles (Psydot@)

Director of Wellbeing Dr. Maggie Ellis (psyneuro_wellbeing@)

Disabilities Co-Ordinator → Dr. Reiner Sprengelmeyer (rhs3@)

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Officer Dr. Gillian Brown (psyequal@)

Class Reps

1st UG

Psychology (Arts): Maggie Crookston (mrc9)

Psychology (Science): Cyrus Chu (kcc1)

Neuroscience: Kendra Melville (km331)

2nd UG

Psychology (Arts): Avanti Chopra (ac393)

Psychology (Science): Vvidhi Agrawwal (vna1)

Neuroscience: Julia Ruiz Rua (jrr4)


3rd UG

Psychology (Arts): Kelly Thomson (kt68)

Psychology (Science): Lana Caitlyn Owen (lco7)

Neuroscience: Brynn Walsh (bmw3)

Joint Degree: Sabrina Black (sb327)

4th UG

Psychology (Arts): Rebecca Louise Benson (rlb8)

Psychology (Science): Reed Frazel (rf80)

Neuroscience: Sophie Evans (sce5)

Joint Degree: Violet Buchtel-Devine (vjbd)


MSc/MRes: Chris Turner (ct217)

PGR: Natalie Wareham (nvw1)

Evening Degree

Gergely Bori (gb222)

Wellbeing & Disability Rep: Reed Frazel

Social Media Rep: Rebecca Benson

Social events Rep: Maggie Crookston

Online Rep: Brynn Walsh

Library Rep: Sophie Evans

Careers Rep: Hannah Whitfield (hwk4)

Sustainability Reps: Ayra Rehman (ar313) and Henrik Rohr (hr62)